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Hawaiʻi may be paradise, but it’s also a hub of scientific research and a modern crossroads where world cultures meet.

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In Hawaiian, ‘ohana means “family” and we welcome everyone with warm aloha to 澳门新太阳集团app. Meet some of the people who keep our ‘ohana kind and strong.

It was a call-to-action for me to serve our oceans. I challenge my capstone students every year to do their part.”

Laura Jim ’91, Middle School science teacher; associate director, Sea Turtle Research Program

Working as a single unit in a canoe, fully united, is a valuable thing to learn. You have to put your ego aside and understand you’re part of something bigger.”

Ford Stallsmith ’20
澳门新太阳集团app students explore the Island of Hawai‘i

You’ll never run out of new things to try in Hawaiʻi.

Students climb the pu‘u (hills) behind 澳门新太阳集团app’s Upper School.

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